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Police Force Triple Defender
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Weight: 3.09 lbs
Case Quantity: 5
Case Weight: 20 lbs
Inner Box Quantity: 1
Packaging Type: Color Box
Country of Origin: United States
UPC: 793831070105
Package Dimensions: 15.6875" x 3.875" x 9.125" (LWH)
Standard Discount


   The intimidating appearance of this patent pending self-defense system is often enough to make any attacker think twice. The Triple Defender provides you with three levels of defense: Pepper spray, strobe light, and stun gun.

  • Debilitating Sabre Red Pepper Spray: incorporates Crossfire Technology to fire a blast of the military-grade pepper up to 25 feet.
  • Disorienting Strobe Light: can be shined in the eyes of an attacker to impair their vision.
  • Three Light Modes: 100% Power, 50% Power, Strobe
  • Incapacitating Police Force Tactical Stun Gun: manufactured by Streetwise, the industry leading stun gun brand, features Triple Stun Technology which can easily bring an attacker to his knees.
  • Quick Release Bracket: The Rechargeable Tactical Stun Flashlight can be used while attached to the Triple Defender or easily removed using the quick release bracket included.
  • Warranty: 1 year for Police Force Triple Defender, 1 year for Quick Release Bracket, lifetime for Police Force Tactical Stun Gun Flashlight, 1 year for pepper spray nozzle, and until the date of expiration for pepper spray. 


  • Patent Pending DefenderTM Six-Sided Rail Unit
  • Tactical Handgrip
  • F4 TacticalTM Unit
  • Pull Trigger
  • Police Force Tactical Stun Gun Flashlight
  • Charging cord for Stun Gun
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Holster for Stun Gun
  • Allen Wrench
  • Screws
  • Stun Gun Mount
  • Quick Release Bracket
  • One 3 fl. oz. can inert training spray
  • One 2 fl. oz. can Sabre Red pepper spray. 

 Stun Gun FAQs

Click Here for Stun Gun Restrictions



For Toll-Free Product Support Please Call: (866) 220-0272

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